Village Aka Westerham Issue Title Is Peace And War (1939)
Various shots of picturesque countryside. Various shots of a pond with swans swimming on it. Various shots of pretty market town, lots of shots of old houses and an antique shop. Various shots street with shops in. Various shots of large house – childhood home of General James Wolfe. C/U of sign for Quebec Square. Various shots of village inn / pub.

Lord Woolton At Churchill’s Home (1950)
Lord Woolton visits Winston Churchill. Westerham, Kent.

Churchill’s House AKA Exterior Churchill’s House (1948)
the House front exterior seen through trees. (2 shots).

Chartwell (1970-1979)
Various good shots around Chartwell, the former home of Winston Churchill. Shots of the grounds and the lake. CU of paintings by Churchill. CU of glass of whisky, cigar and painter’s pallet as if left their by Churchill. More shots of paintings. LS of main house. Pull out to show presenter talking to camera.

Village Church Service (1955)
GV. Westerham Parish church. SV. Choir entering church. LV. Congregation arriving. SCU. Pan families entering church. Christopher Soames, Sir Winston Churchill’s son in law, and family entering church.

Westerham (1948)
The Christening of Mr and Mrs Christopher Soames’ son at St. Mary’s Church. Boy is named Arthur Nicholas Winston.

Churchill’s daughter Mary, Mrs Soames, on left of porch of church – husband, Mr Christopher Soames, the on right. Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill come out. Photographer arranges them. Crowd cheering. Group at door moving forward. Mary, carrying the baby in her arms, and husband walking through lines of crowds. Mr and Mrs Churchill walking through crowds. Crowd.

House. Group – Mary, baby and husband. Young Winston Churchill, son of Randolph Churchill, hands cake to chauffeurs. Long shot of a group. Close up shot of young Winston eating cake. Group, Mr Churchill fondling baby. Close up shot of the baby. Churchill fondling baby.

Churchill’s Grandson Christened (1952)
SV. Mrs. Mary Soames carrying baby Jeremy from Westerham Church after ceremony (she is followed by son Nicholas and husband Christopher). CU. Baby Jeremy and Mother pan up to Winston Churchill in Background. SV. Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery following Mrs. Soames and baby pan with baby. MV Winston Churchill poses for photograph taken by boy with camera.

GV Chartwell Farm. In the garden, Winston walks around with 20 gallon hat and cigar, Randolph Churchill is also there. MV two women look over the baby’s crib. CU Baby Jeremy in crib. LV Guests toast baby.

CU. Mrs. Soames holding baby in group (including Clementine Churchill). SV Nicholas is playing with something until his father takes it off him. SV. Mrs. Soames hands baby to Godfather Monty. Monty holding baby Pan to Winston and Mrs Churchill. CU Monty with baby.

Churchill Statue (1969)
GV Westerham Green with Sir Robert Menzies making unveiling statue on dais. SV Sir Robert Menzies walks towards the cord for unveiling. Statue is unveiled. Pan across to statue of Sir Winston Churchill. CU The head of the statue. GV Members of the Churchill family applauding. CU Members of Churchill family. GV Sir Robert Menzies and Lady Churchill walk forward to look at the statue. CU Head of the statue. SV Member of the family with young boy at foot of statue. CU The young boy. Pan up to the statue. GV The statue with people in foreground walking round the base. Pan to small children. SV Mrs. Churchill and Menzies standing in front of statue.

Grandfather Sir Winston (1954)
Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill and wife Lady Churchill arriving with grand children and nurse holding baby to be christened at Westerham Parish Church. SV. Towards and pan, Nicholas holding Sir Winston’s hand as they walk up to church. SCU. People watching. SCU. Pan, nurse carrying baby in arms. Angle shot, Westerham Church. LV. Crowd outside church. STV. Mr Christopher and Mrs Mary Soames (Sir Winston’s daughter) and children Ema, Jeremy, Nicholas and the baby Charlotte Clementine, outside church. Mr Soames calls Sir Winston to join party. SCU. Mrs Soames holding baby as Sir Winston joins group.

Mary Churchill’s Baby Christened (1948)
Mary Churchill, her husband Captain Christopher Soames, Mr and Mrs Churchill and the baby Winston, on the lawn of Mary’s home.

Old Time Cricket Match At Sevenoaks (1934)
L/Ss of the Sackville horse drawn coach arriving at the Vine cricket ground. The carriage makes tour of ground. Numerous people stand in front of carriage dressed in period costume. Dignitaries climb out of coach and are greeted by others. Making the toss on the pitch. M/Ss of men and women in period costume. L/S of the two umpires with cricket bats over shoulders leading the two teams out onto pitch. Several shots of old style cricket match in progress. M/Ss of spectator sitting on benches. M/S of two women smiling. L/Ss women. Two stewards hold up blackboards with the scores on. More shots of the match in progress. L/S of Lord Sackville greeting his friends in the members enclosure. Players walk off the pitch at the end of Sussex’s innings. M/Ss of dignitaries talking in the enclosure. M/S of Lord Sackville talking with Colonel Dunlop and Viscount Gage the Captain of the Sussex team.

How To Run A Railway (1963)
GV. Derelict Westerham railway station. GV. Derelict Westerham station, showing grass growing up on the lines. CU. Sign ‘Westerham Railway Headquarters’. LV. Car is driven onto railmobile. CU. As the back wheels of the car roll onto the rollers. LV. As the car is secured on the railmobile at the back. SV. Pan, the straps securing the car at the front. CU. As the back wheel of the car starts to turn the rollers. SV. From under the railmobile, showing the chains driving the wheels as it moves away. GV. The railmobile comes in to a station. CU. Guard holding out flags. SV. Three girls push the hood of the car back. SV. As they get into the car. CU. The guard closes the car door. LV. Signal going into the up position. SV. Pan, as the railmobile moves away from the station past camera – it picks up speed. LV. From the railmobile, signal man waving. GV. As the car moves along the track. LV. Pan, workers on a building site waving. CU. The girl driver laughing and chatting to her friends, not even holding the steering wheel. GV. The overgrown track as the car moves along. CU. Pan, the three girls sitting in the car. GV. The car draws up to station. CU. Station name “Brasted”. LV. The railmobile draws into the station.

South Coast Express Wrecked (1927)
“South Coast Express Wrecked. Many killed and injured in serious disaster near Sevenoaks.”

M/S shot shows crashed carriages lying on their side as railway workers and rescuers remove bits of wreckage. M/S large steam driven crane lifting bits of debris.

Sidecar Boys Side-Car Boys (1955)
M/S of a man putting helmet on a young boy’s head. The man is probably his father. M/S of another father putting helmet on another boy’s head. Boys are Ken Walker and Dudley Woodrow and “are still learning the art of grass-track sidecar racing” – tells the narrator – “so far as anyone knows, the two ten year old boys are the youngest sidecar team in the world.”